Joe Walsh Anthology

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Joseph Fidler “Joe” Walsh (b. nov 20 1947, Wichita, KS). Having been raised in New Jersey and played Piano, Clarinet, Trombone and Oboe in junior highschool, guitar came in lately and he start played rhythm guitar with G-Clefs, a duo playing Ventures instrumentals, subsequently joining the Beatles-styled  the Nomads. Walsh began studying at Kent State University Ohio in 1965 and now joins Campus band The Measles who became local favourites.

Measles split and Walsh is asked to replace guitar player Gleen Schwarts in the James Gang who left the group for joining the Pacific Gas And Electric. James Gand was a five piece group at that time and Joe was touring around with his new band. The guys didn’t get along so the band ended up a three piece band.


Jan. The new James Gang was, Joe Walsh Guitar and vocals, Tom Kriss on Bass and Vocals and Jim Fox on Drums and Vocals the band got signes to ABC Dunhill

Sept. James Gang started to recorded Yer Album,


Mars. Yer album  was released and makes US #83. The band starts touring uninterruptedly in US.

Nov. Recordings for next album Rides Again started


Jan. Dale Peters replaces Tom Kriss in the middle of recording Rides Again.

May. The James Gang having opened for the Who in Pittsburg PA 1969 and were now invited to support The Who on their European Tour. They finished the  record Rides Again Sept. Funk #49 reaches US #59.

Oct. The release of James Gang Rides Again and the album peaks at US #20 and earning a gold disc.


Feb. The band goes in to the studio again and make the album Thirds.

June. Walk away makes US #51

Aug. The bands third record Thirds  is released and reach US#27 and earning a gold disc.

Oct. Midnight Man from the Thirds album makes US #80

Dec. James Gang Live In Concert  recorded live May -71 at Carnegie Hall is released since Joe Walsh had telling the band he gonna leave them. The record company try to have Walsh to stay with the band and released the Live album to get the time to make him stay. The album enter the US charts #24 and become the bands third gold disc.


Jan. Joe Walsh quits the James Gang replaced by Tommy Bolin. Walsh is asked to join the Humble Pie by Steve Marriot since Peter Frampton had left the band, but Steve was turned down. Walsh leaves industrial Cleveland for open air Boulder, CO.

Mars. Walsh forms Barnstorm trio with his old mate Joe Vitale Drums and Kenny Passareli on Bass and signed to Dunhill Records. They start recording their first Album immediately but it was only Joe and Joe. Chuck Rainey the famous studio bassplayer did the first basstracks on the album but were soon replaced by Kenny Passareli Joe and Joe wanted a band and name of the band was Barnstorm Joe had moved to Nederland in Colorado and Vitale had going up there from Ohio.  

Bill Szymczyk produce the Barnstorms debutalbum Barnstorm and record at Caribou Studios. Sept. The album was released and makes US #79.

Nov. Keyboard player Rocke Grace joins the band as the group begins a major US tour, much of it as support for Stephen Stills.


 Feb. James Gangs record company released The Best Of James Gang Featuring Joe Walsh the album reach US#79.

Apr. Walsh moves from Boulder to Studio City, Los Angeles, CA.

June. The Album The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get is released, the album Peaks US #6 the best chart in Walsh carrier so far and he earned his first solo gold disc. The name of the album was just a saying thae Joe Walsh came up with when they recorded the Barnstorm album and Bill Szymczyk told Joe he should name the first album that.

Tom Stephensen how had been additional keyboard player along with Rocke Grace and replace Grace who left the band after they recorded The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get  (the album is the first Joe Walsh Solo Album) include  the live favourite Rocky Mountain Way.

Okt. Rocky Mountain way reaches US #23 and UK #39.

Dec. Barnstorm Splits after touring most of the year.      


Jan. Meadows peaks at US #89.

Walsh will spend the most of the year doing recording sessions for his album So What with a bounch of old friends. He also did a lot of sessions with the Eagles, B.B. King, Rod Stewart and Stephen Stills. Walsh also produced Dan Fogelbergs album Souvernirs.

-74 was a dramatic year for Joe he lost his daughter Emma in a School buss accident.

Dec. So What released the 14 of December. Including A Song For Emma, a tribute to his daughter. In her memory, Joe had a fountain placed in a park in which she played, North Boulder Park in Boulder, Colorado. As of June 20, 2007, the plaque accompanying the fountain is placed on the ground a few feet away.


Jan. So What reached US #11 earning Walsh a second gold disc. The album include five tracks by Barnstorm.

Mars. Turn To Stone peaks US #93. Joe Walsh go on a 3 months US tour with his allstar band including: Jay Ferguson (Spirit and JoJo Gunne) on grand piano, Dave Mason (Traffic) Hammond, Andy New Mark (Roxy Music) on Drums, Don Felder (Eagles) on guitar, Joe Vitale (Barnstorm) on drums, Joe Lala on percussion and Willy Weeks on bass.  Joe Walsh did a live forecast on the TV show Don Kirshner Rock Show with this line up and with Don Henley and Gleen Frey as guests on Help Me Through The Night.

June. The tour ends with “Midsummer Madness” bill at Wembley Stadium, Wembley, Middx, with The Beach Boys, Eagles and Elton John.

Dec. Joe had been on a tour with his new band but were not comfortable to be the band leader he wanted a group again so Walsh replaced Bearnie Leadon in the Eagles something that Joes old buddy from the highscholl Irving Azoff (Eagles manager) ruled. Nobody in the Eagles did know about that, Joe was just there in the band one day. He had doin a lot of jam sessions with the Eagles and Don Felder was in his band so Irving thought he suits fine and he did.


Feb. Joe put a All Star band together to make a live album with following musicians:
Don Felder (Eagles)guitar and vocals
Jay Ferguson  (Jo Jo Gunne; Spirit) Piano and vocals
David Mason (Traffic) Organ
Andy Newmark (Roxy Music) Drums
Joe Vitale (Barnstorm) Drums, Keyboard, Flute and vocals
Willie Weeks Bas
Rocky Dzidzornu Percussion
The band rehearsal for only one week

Mars.  Joe Walsh and his All Star Band did the Don Kishner Rock Show and recorded the live album You Can't Arque With A Sick Mind. That was the only gig the band did.
Recording starts for making Hotel California with the Eagles were Walsh did tremendous guitar work and put new blood in to band.  

July. An EP combining Rocky Mountain Way, Turn to stone, Meadows and Walk away was released and peaked UK #39.

Okt. Walsh leaves Dunhill and Dunhill release a live album You Can’t Argue With A Sick Mind from the Don Kirshners Rock TV show with Don Henley and Glen Frey as guests on Help Me Through The Night, the album reaches US #20 and UK #28.

Nov. The release of Hotel California should made Joe Walsh to a Super Star the album should reach number one all over the world.

Dec. New Kid In Town was released on single.


Jan. Hotel California Album top the Billboard for eight weeks in a row, the album also later on -77 earned a grammy for Record of the year  

Feb. New Kid In Town peaks at US #1 and earned a Grammy for the best arengements for voices. The band starts touring US and the band played four of Walsh own songs in the set Turn To Stone, Funk #49, Rocky Mountain Way and Walk Away.

May. Single Hotel California peaks US #1 and Joe goes on his first world tour.

 Oct.  The band find out that Hotel California is one of the top 15 best-selling albums of all time in any category.


Jan. Joe Walsh and The Eagles go in to the studio to make his fourth soloalbum But Seriously Folks with his buddys Joe Vitale and Willie Weeks the whole Eagles with their new member Timothy B Schmit is involved in the album. Gleen Frey arrange all choirs and Frey, Henley and Schmit do all the choirs on the album. Other musicians on the album is  Jay Fergusson, Jody Boyer and Joey Murcia. The Album was produced by Bill Szymczyk. In The City was recorded for this album but was kept for The Long Run Album. At the same time The Eagles started working on The Long Run Album.

June. Life’s Been Good reaching US #12 and UK #14.

Aug. Recording sessions for making the next Eagles album  and lasted to long… Joes best selling album But Seriously Folks was released 12 of aug. earning Joes first Platinum Disc, the album peaked US #8 and UK #16.

Nov. Dunhill release The Best Of Joe Walsh including some James Gang tracks. The album makes US #71.


Feb. In the City is in the Movie Warriors that was released half a year before The Long Run enter the charts.

Sept. The Long Run was released the 24:th of September 1979 after over 1½ years recording  and the band start touring again now with hired extra musicians like Joe Vitale playing Drums and Keyboards and Davd Sandborn playing Saxophone.


Jan. Joe Walsh ran for a lunatic campaign for President in 1980; one of the planks of his platform was to make Life's Been Good the new national anthem, free money to everybody was another thing in his election campaign.

June. The movie Urban Cowboy was released and Joes not on any solo album song All Night Long was in the movie and reached US #19.

July. 31:st of July the Eagles did their last gig at Long Beach a gig named in the rock history  "Long Night At Wrong Beach". The band was playing on a benefit for a friend of Gleen Frey and Don Felder were not to happy about it and when he had grett the mans wife she said Nice To Meet You Felder says Nice To Meet You To......... I guees! Frey was beside him and get angry.

Frey and Felder spent the entire show describing to each other the beating each planned to administer backstage. "Only three more songs until I kick your butt, pal," Frey recalls Felder telling him near the end of the band's set. Felder recalls Frey making a similar threat to him just as they began to sing The Best Of My Love. Felder told his guitar roadie that he wanted the acoustic guitar he just had played in the dressing room after the show. When the show was over Don ran out to his loge and smashed the guitar to pieces and when he was done and turned around Glenn was standing behind him with his friend and his wife.

A week later Irving Azoff called Henley, Felder, Walsh and Schmit and told them the band was quit.

Walsh started to record his fifth solo album.

Mars. The Joe Walsh produced There Goes The Neighbourhood was released and reached US #20. The album was recorded with Barnstorm mate Joe Vitale on drums and George “Choclate” Perry on Bass along with bandmates from the Eagles Timothy B Schmit and Don Felder.
July. A Life of Illusion peaked US #39 was recorded in 1973 with Joe Walsh's first solo band Barnstorm but was not completed. The overdubs and final mixes were completed during the There Goes the Neighborhood sessions and released on the album. The promotional video for the track shows the coming to life of the album's cover. Rivers (of the Hidden Funk)" was a track Joe wrote for The Long Run Album, but was left off.

Aug. Irving Azoff asked Joe to write a song for the movie Fast Time At Ridgemont High that he should co produce. Walsh came up with the song Waffle Stomp


Mar. Joe Walsh Produce Ringo Starrs Album Old Wave for RCA with musicians like Gary Broocker, John Entwistle and Eric Clapton . 

July. Joe asked Bill Szymczyk to produced his new album and came up with an Idea that he wanted to get back to the old days (probably tired of the Eagles days in the Studio) he decided to rent a 2” 16 track non dolby mobile truck, you can’t do that said Szymczyk, you’re fired said Walsh, Maybe we can do that said Szymczyk and they did

Sept. They go to the Catalina Island outside L.A. for a 14 days session and recorded 6 of the album You Bought It, You Name It 10 tracks in a old ballroom on the island. Joe wanted a band and the band was Joe Vitale Drums, “Choclate” Perry on Bass and Waddy Wachtel on Guitar, again Eagles mates were involved, Don Felder on guitar and Timothy B Schmit and Don Henley on backing vocals.   


Jan. The other four tracks for You Bought It, You Name It was recorded in studio. Joes new band was going to Canada to be in John Candys Show "The Fishin´ Musician"

May. You Bought It, You Name It was released with the single Space Age Whiz Kids.

July. Space Age Whiz Kids Peakes at US #52 and the album You Bought It, You Name It makes it US #48. Joe

Aug. Walsh is asked to support Stevie Nicks were Waddy Wachtel was the Musical Director and he agree. Walsh open it up with Wachtel in his band. Joe and Stevie didn’t end up to well in the beginning of the tour but after Joe took Nicks to the park were a fountain for his daugther Emma was placed after here dead and told her that the only thing Emma complained about was that there wasn’t a fountain for small people in the park so Joe put one up there in memory of his daughter. Stevie immortalized this story in her song "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" on her 1985 Rock A Little album after that day Joe and Stevie were a pair for few years. Their first gig was "US Festival" 


Joe Walsh next album The Confessor would be something that his new girlfriend Stevie Nicks got involved in and probably had a lot to say about. Stevies old Buddy Keith Olsen were hired to produced the new album and the musicians were the superimposed L.A. session stalwarts like ·  Jim Keltner, Jeff Pocaro and Rick Marrota on Drums. Mike Porcaro, Rick Rosas and David Margen on Bass, Waddy Wachtel on Guitar, Randy Newman and Alan Pasqua on Keyboards a lot of musicians Joe Walsh never been in front of before the only old buddy were Timothy B Schmit who did all the background vocals. So the time was changed for Joe with his new girlfriend.

Those Crazy album covers that we seen on Joes last three albums was gone, a famous painting by nineteenth-century romantic Caspar David Friedrich with a grainy photo of Walsh in behind was it.


May. The Confessor hit the record stores in the middle of may.  Rolling Stone review, Walsh is trying to make the kind of record he used to make a decade ago, and the result is, well, out of date, sound like something out of a 1975 time capsule.

July. The album makes US #65. Joe goes on tour and on drums as usual Joe Vitale who on this tour made a Joe Walsh Statement, after fooling around with their buddy J.D. Souther playing Italians tourist (Vitale is good on that because hes a real Italian guy) saying How ýa´ doin´? Joe say the same thing and after that day that was Joes saying until he joined the Eagles again.


Joe Walsh and Stevie Nicks love affair was over.


Jan. Joe Walsh meets Terry Manning and Joe decides that Terry gonna produce his next album Got Any Gum? Terry made his chose of musicians the only old buddy this time is J.D. Souter. Album Cover more like the old days again. Joe Vitale had introduce Rick Rosas to Joe Walsh and they became playmates.

Mars. Stevie Nicks stated in a 2007 interview with the UK Telegraph that Walsh had been "the great love of her life."

June. Got Any Gum was released. Joe Walsh did a couple of gigs with Vitale and Rosas at some Six Flags Amusement Parks and Zoos.

Aug. Got Any Gum reach US # 113 and Joe start playing Going Down in his shows.


Jan. Walsh join the Ringo Starrs All-Star Band featuring Joe Walsh, Nils Lofgren, Rick Danko, Dr. John, Billy Preston Jim Keltner, Levon Helm and Clarence Clemons. The band touring Us for over a half year.

Sept. Irving Azzof treid to get the Eagles together again everybody should show up, Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Don Felder and Timothy B Schmit was there but Glenn Frey didn't show up so the saga was gone with the wind.

Dec. Walsh is asked to do Jules Shears (The former of MTV Unpluged) MTV unplugged and he doing the show with Jules Shear, Dr. John and Rick Rosas.


Feb. Joe Walsh start working as a DJ on New York KROQ radio stations every second Friday night and doin it good.

June. Joe did a One Of gig in Tampa with Vitale and Rosas.

Nov. Walsh plays at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan as a member of the ad-hoc outfit with his old fellow Who bass player John Entwistle the other guys in the band is Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Keith Emerson, Simon Philips, Rick Livingstone and Kieth Emerson.

Okt. Walsh start recording his ninth album Ordinary Average Guy with his old buddy Joe Vitale on Dums and Rick Rosas on Bass, the album is produced by Walsh/Vitale and a lot of musicians is involved in the project. Guest appearance by Frank Zappa on guitar and Paul Shaffer (David Letterman right hand) on Keyboards. Joe and Joe were back to the Barnstorm Days and Joe Vitale wrote a song named School Days that Vitale sings on the album. They also revisited the old barn that they had pictured on the Barnstorm album cover and picture it how it looks today and had the picture on the album cover says "Barnstorm Revisted" 

Dec. Walsh is featured playing guitar on School days from the Simpsons Sing The Blues album.      


May. The release of Ordinary Average Guy on his new label Pyramid. Single Ordinary Averaged Guy became a minor hit no charts either the Single or the Album. The album include a track named Alphabetic Order recorded for the You Bought It, You Name It album on Catlina Island 1982.   

June. Walsh performs two acoustic benefit concerts in his hometown Wichita.

July. Joe Walsh is suporting act for the Doobie Brothers a tour called The Prank tour, there were loads of pranks between the two bands and it escalate for every night. One night they change band on Rocky Mountain Way so after Joes Talkbox solo he turned around and it was the Doobies who was his backup combos. 

Nov. Joe takes a part of the “Rock Against Hunger” benefit at the Count Basie Theater in New Jersey together with Rick derringer, Southside Johnny and others.


Jan. Joe Walsh ran for Vice President this time and running on a platform of "Free Gas For Everyone."

Feb. Walsh and Vitale start making the last so far, Joe Walsh album with Bill Scymczyk as producer and Joe Vitale as co producer. Walsh,Vitale and Rosas plays with a couple of musicians. For Vitale it was really going back in time and he loved to see Bill in the control room from the studio.

Apr. A hard year for Joe Walsh. Again a member of the Ringo Starrs All-Star Bands US and world tour now with a new line up, Joe Walsh, Tood Rundgren, Dave Edmunds and Nils Lofgren on Guitars and Vocals, his eagles fellow Timothy B Schmit on Bass and Vocals, Burton Cummings (Guess Who) on Keyboards, Tim Cappelo on Saxophone and Ringos son Zak Starkey on drums.  

June. Songs For A Dying Planet was released and makes an album that become a statement for a lot of Joe Walsh Fans over the World as the last Joe Walsh Album.

Aug. Walsh gooes on his "Vote For Me" tour with Rick Rosas on Bass, Ringos somn Zak Starkey on Drums and Joe Vitale on Drums, Keyboards, Flute and vocals (what a man he is). 


Mars. Ex. Eagles Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey go on a tour and perform before a sellout crowd at the Sunrise Musical Theater in Florida and this was the beginning of the Hell Frezes Over project.  

Aug. Joe Walsh did three gigs for the Navy with Rick Rosas Bass, Phil Jones and Joe Vitale on Drums and a keyboard player that didn't showed up. Joe Vitale had his son Joe Jr (16 years) and his wife with him and Walsh asked Vitale if Joe Jr knew his songs, Vitale said of course he knew your songs, Walsh says, O.K. go for it I hire him and you play the Keyboard. So 16 year old Joe Jr Vitale were Joe Walsh drummer for three gigs 


Feb. Joe Walsh, Don Henley and Glen Frey were doin a gig in Aspen the first time Frey and Henley were on the same stage. Irving Azzof come there and asked for the hundredth time to getting together there and they did. Irving asked them and everybody was in

Nov.  The album the whole world had been waiting for were released together with an DVD the 8 of November. A live album with four new tracks. Get Over It hits US #31

Dec. The Album makes US #1 for two weeks in a row.


Joe Walsh release an Joe Walsh Anthology Lock What I Did  and continues performing live with the Eagles until 1997.


James Gang did an reunion for Bill Cinton the "classic" lineup of the band (Walsh, Peters, Fox) reunited to perform at the Cleveland State University Convocation Center on November 4th, 1996,


Eagles are doin their last tour under the Hell Freezes Over theme.


Joe had been an actor in the Drew Carey show a couple of times, Drew Carey is a huge James Gang and Joe Walsh fan and the original James Gang did two numbers in his show.  

May. ABC Wanted to use a Classic song rock for "Monday Night Football" that year and asked Joe Walsh to Rewrote the lyrics for Rocky Mountain Way for the quater back John Elway of Colorados "The Denver Broncos" Football theme and Joe and band Barnstorm were in Colorado when they wrote Rocky Mountain Way so it seem to be natrual for Joe to do that. Rocky Mountain Elway was the new titel on the song and you did a video that ABC showed on the "Monday Night Football"


Irving Azzof came up with an idea of doin a millennium concert the 31 dec 1999.


The Millenium Concert was recorded live and the band worked on the album the whole year and decided they couldn’t release another live album so it ended up to be a fourth part of a best of box, Selected Works.


James Gang was invited to the Rock’n Roll Hall Of Fame in February 2001, drawing fans from all over the globe. In the summer of 2001 the group performed another handful of shows in the Cleveland area. Joe makes a very funny commercial for UPS playing Life’s Been Good with new lyrics. Joes old time mate Don Felder got fired from the Eagles, Joe for same reason didn’t care!


The Eagles goes on World  tour with hired guitar player instead of Don Felder.


Warren Zevon a friend of the Eagles, began work on his final album The WindTwith the assistance of Joe.
Eagles released a new greatest hits album The Very Best Of The Eagles only two years after the
Selected Works best of album!!! T


June. Walsh performed live before a huge crowd at Eric Clapton's "Crossroads Guitar Festival" in Dallas, he also played with James Taylor.
September. Joe performed  at "The Strat Pack" a concert held in London to mark the 50th anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster guitar


June. Eagles released a new two-DVD set titled Farewell Tour with the all new Joe Walsh's song One Day at a Time Joes first new song since 1992, all his fans was asking for a single, but not.


April. James Gang, it was announced that the Walsh/Peters/Fox lineup of the group would be touring the United States later that summer, featuring a keyboardist and backing vocalists.
August. The trio appeared in August performing live on The Howard Stern radio show on Sirius satellite radio.


August. Eagles new singel How Long was released a song written buy J.D. Souther
October. Eagles released Long Road Out Of Eden, their first album of all-new material since 1979, only one song written and performed by Joe Walsh .
A James Gang world tour was planed for 2007 but was canceld because of making the new Eagles album.


Januari. the second single off Long Road Out of Eden was released. Busy Being Fabulous peaked US 30
February. Joe makes a duet with Celine Dion in an CBS Special they sing George Harrisons Something. Eagles go on a World Tour in Mars.
Mars. Eagles World Tour started.