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This page is dedicated to the man who don´t know that he taught me how to play slow guitarsolos, taught me how to play in open tunings, taught me how to not be afriad to sing (as long as you are a better singer than the other guys in the band) and taught me how not to play notes that people don't care about.

 Joe with the Eagles at the Tivoli in Stockholm Maj 1977

This picture means a lot to me. It was there, at the tivoli, I found out about Joe Walsh and the Eagles. A couple of hours before this picture was taken I talked to Joe Walsh, thinking he was a roadie. I was the runner in the Eagles' Swedish crew and was told to go and get some guitar parts. The guitar roadie gave me a list of what he needed. It wasn´t difficult for me to get what he needed - I just went to the Music store where I worked and got back in 20 minutes with his gear. He was very surprised that I was back so quick with the right stuff. I told him that I worked in a music store dealing guitars. The vintage guitar market had just began to grow in Sweden and when I came in to the tuning-up room, there were some fifty vintage guitars, 50ths Strats, Teles and Les Pauls, old Martin Acoustics. I had never seen a Strat or Tele from the fifthies before and began to ask the guitar roadie about them. He said to me that he didn´t had time to show me the guitars, but at the same time another roadie came in to the room. The guitar roadie told him that I worked in a guitar store and that I was very interested in old guitars. The guy I thought were a roadie told me a lot about their guitars.
When the concert began, the kind roadie who had showed me the guitars were standing on the right side playing guitar in the band.

At that time I didn´t know about the Eagles. I had heard 'Hotel California' as everbody had the record and the radio played the song all the time. But I was at that time in to Johnny Winter, Deep Purple, Uraih Heep etc.... One album in my heavy music collection was James Gang Live in concert, but I didn´t know who the guys in the band were. If you have that record you know that there are no names on the musicians on the album cover. But when Gleen Frey said: "we gonna do 20 minutes Joe Walsh for ya", they began playing 'Walk away' and I found out that the man I had talked to earlier was the guitar player and singer from the James' gang. This may sound funny to you, but there were not many here in Sweden who had that James gang record. I bought my copy "cut out" on an LP-sale, probably around -73. It was at that concert I discovered the Eagles and that the guitar player I had listening to a lot was Joe Walsh. It was a great concert, crowdy, there were 17.000 people, a lot of people for that time (only Paul Mc.Cartney & Wings had more). I was sitting on the mixing tower during the whole concert. An evening I will never forget.

 My first Joe Walsh record was 'But Seriously Folks'

Here are some pictures from the photosession for the 'But Seriously Folks' LP-cover , This album taught me how to play in open tunings. I found out that the only way to play 'Indian summer' was in open G', making it sound like on the record. All the chords that I saw in a songbook had G in the bass which was very weird to play.

I wish there was a video from the photo session for the album cover to 'But Seriously Folks'.




My second Joe Walsh album was 'There Goes The Neighbourhood'

This is the album that probably made me into the biggest Joe Walsh-fan in Sweden. I still haven´t met anyone that have all records and always looking for Joe Walsh pictures, interviews etc...

After this album I bought every Joe Walsh album, every James Gang Album, every Eagles album and looked for other artists with Joe as studio musician like Dan Fogelberg, Jay Fergusson, etc... But my over all favorite album with Joe as a side man are the two albums with Joes Barnstorm drummer Joe Vitale 'Roller Coster Weekend' and 'Plantation Harbor', great albums with a lot of Joes spirit. If you find them, buy them.





A picture I got when I joined the fanclub -93.

 My -68 Gibson Les Paul that Mr.Walsh autographed in Gothenburg -92.

He asked me three times if I was really sure that I wanted him to write on the guitar. He told me: "man, this guitar is a Vintage Les Paul, are you really sure?"






Joe Walsh Pick collection!

 This Picture makes me feel so well, Joe smiling with this funny hat. Seems to me, he having a good time.The Picture is taken by Phyllis Keeton in september 1998 when she and Shirl "JoeMomma" Fulton saw Joe in California. Here's Shirls story about how he get that hat:

At the concert, Joe told a story about how a 14-year old boy came up to him at a concert and told him how much he liked him, then he said "My grandpa turned me onto your music." Then Joe said, "Brat!!" not much later, a boy (about 14) came up to the stage and handed Joe that hat.






Okay! This is what I love with the intenet! I got a mail and a pic.

Hi! my name is Asa. I found your page through thisismike's web site. I really enjoyed the photos and story you have about Joe in the big goofy hat, however, here is the real story behind that hat. That is my hat, and I am the "14 year old boy" actually, I am a 30 year old girl, and Joe is my hero!
Anyway, I snuck past the security guard while he was distracted and began snapping photos when Joe looked down into my camera lense, smiled and pointed at my hat. Ofcourse, I gave it to him! He wore it through the rest of the show. I was lucky enough to get it back as well, and it is safe under a custom made plastic case, right under a signed poster of Joe in my hat. And that's the truth... I am going to have to pick on Shirl for calling me a 14 year old boy! :-) Later, Asa


In these Magazines you can find Interviews with Joe. They are from left to right Guitar Player June -75 April -88 & Guitar World Jan. -88

You can order Back issues of these magazines and the video from JK Lutherie